Founded in Geneva by Sylvain Hugues in 2003, Tapioca design is a web development studio. Driven by all steps of web creation: clarifying ideas, developing tools, following evolutions. Download my C.V. in PDF.
Sylvain Hugues portrait My specific skill remains php/sql programming, but in aim to optimize time production, costs, security and evolutivity, Drupal and ExpressionEngine have been chosen as content management systems. .
Design process is of course acheived with famous Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and some video parts with AfterEffects
ios css html jQuery Drupal Expression engine PHP MySql Flash
Cursors cloud Following latest HTML / CSS / JQuery releases, I was specialised in the past on Flash AS3 developement like the previous version of this website, I gave up with this technology for many reasons: SEO, new web video format, mobile devices and generaly an large improvement of JavaScript browsers support.
I develop iPhone applications (iOS 5 with CocoaTouch on Xcode) for personnal projects, for instance "AinuGUESS" in publication process.
Several hands keyboard I target mobile developement in both approaches : responsive design (like the current one) and JQuery mobile versions. Depending on the content displayed on the corporate website.
tapioca = new Technologies();
tapioca.skills = "web";
world = webservice.load("world");
time = world.accessDimension(4); = giveLife(, tapioca);
hope = new Hope(
); if (! {
new Deceit(universe.restart());
} else if ( {
history =;
if (history.power == "vertical") {
new Deceit(" You're wrong,
this is television. "

} else if (history.power == "horizontal") {
world.power /= world.numberOfHumanBeing;
} else {